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If you’re a new author trying to market your hot off the press masterpiece, you probably don’t need someone else to tell you that the world of book marketing is more than a little complicated. For better or for worse though, you’re going to have a much better chance of getting your book to a wide audience if you invest a little time and energy figuring out how things work. If you feel like you’ve yet to crack the code and really take advantage of the resources out there, read on to learn how you can make the most of the many free book marketing tools available.

Put Amazon to work for you with an author page
Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Amazon remains one of the most powerful forces when it comes to marketing your book. Beyond just a platform for selling though, there are associated functions available that can help you get noticed. Once your book is available on Amazon, it is time to spend a little time crafting the perfect author page. Head over to Author Central to get started. You’ll be able to provide a lot more information about yourself and your book, and hopefully attract more than a few new sets of eyes!

Don’t let the potential of Goodreads pass you by
There’s no arguing with the fact that Goodreads is the number one place on the internet for writers and readers to interact. In fact, many avid readers rely solely on this network to provide them with reading suggestions and engage in discussions about their favourite books. Even better for you as a writer is the fact that many active users leave detailed and thoughtful reviews once they’re finished reading. In order to take advantage of this free resource, head to the author program and get your page populated with a dynamic bio and book listings. Then sit back and watch the reviews roll in.

We’re not going to say it again – It is time to get that website up and running
If you’re serious about making it as an author and still don’t have a personal website, it is time to change that once and for all. Rest assured that creating a website is truly a straightforward process with the highly intuitive tools and platforms now available. Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, and WordPress are all accessible from a user’s perspective and offer a wide variety of attractive templates that are appropriate for authors. You can go the blog-centric route or simply have one visually stunning page to highlight key facts about you and your books. Either way, it will feel great to finally have an author website to call your own. And trust us – if you wrote a book, you can build a website!

Make every email count
Another nifty way to get the word out about your book is using your email signature. Also called sig files, you can simply include a link to the retailer selling your book, like Amazon, and another to your personal website. Simply format it as follows:

Your name
Title of your book (link to seller)
Location of your website (link to website)

This is an easy and effective way to do a little marketing each and every time you send out an email.

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