How to Develop an E-Book Marketing Plan

Marketing your e-book is not something you can take lightly. As a result, before you hit the road running, you need to plan your route. There are some very particular steps that should be included in your marketing plan to ensure that you are getting the most out of the time and effort you put in. We can also help you with your promotion.

Looking to do it on your own? Here’s the DIY:

Develop a mailing list
Your mailing list is your way to communicate with readers and people who are interested in being your readers. Start making consistent blast emails that share with recipients what is new in your world – release dates, sales of the book, meet-ups, etcetera. Not only are your readers going to get the information, but they will also be able to easily share it with friends and family.

Keep up your social media
Like your blast emails, your social media also needs to be consistent. It is a good way to have a presence and stay relevant to your current and potential readers and is a good place to amass a following.

Keep a schedule
As you can already see, marketing is not for the faint of heart. You’re already trying to maintain consistent e-mail and social media postings, and that’s not even a drop in the bucket. Get yourself a marketing calendar – Coschedule is a great online resource for this, but you can just as easily use an Excel spreadsheet – and plan out what day certain things are going to happen. When are your blast emails being sent out? How often are you posting to social media? This will ensure that all of your marketing activities are consistent, organized, and get done on time.

Plan a budget
Depending on your personal preference, and your expectations for your book, you may wish to dedicate a budget to paid advertisements. It’s up to you how much is going to be enough and will depend on your ability to pay for such ads, and your interest in investing in your book.

Be human
The world is much more self-aware now than it has ever been in the past. As a result, people are interested in the people behind the products and services they use. And that goes for books too. Readers want to know that the authors they are reading hold the same values as they do, and aren’t interested in supporting those who hold beliefs they don’t agree with. Being a good person is part of your marketing strategy, and it’s incredibly difficult to gain back trust and respect once you’ve lost it.

Special events
Your marketing schedule may also include promotional events. This can include webinars, giveaways, sales, Facebook/Instagram live videos, Q&A sessions, and more. Many of these types of events are an opportunity for the audience to learn about the author, and for the author to learn about the audience. It’s an important part of connecting the two sides and can develop an interest in the author’s work as a result.

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