How to Promote Your Book on LinkedIn

It’s no secret that social media networks and platforms offer one of the most valuable marketing and promotion tools for authors. Although there has been plenty of emphasis on Facebook groups and Instagram hashtags, there are also plenty of opportunities to enhance your books’ exposure on the most business-oriented of the social platforms – LinkedIn.

An especially relevant resource if you’re looking to sell your book in bulk to a company, arrange speaking engagements, or get prominent business leaders talking your work, LinkedIn has lots to offer for anyone looking to promote their book. Of course, it is important to go in with a strategy if you’re going to get the most out of your experience with this network. Here are a few tips to help you harness the power of LinkedIn to sell books.

Get your profile in tiptop condition
We’ll talk more about the details of how to promote your book below, but the number one thing you want to do is to get your LinkedIn profile looking sharp overall. There are quite a few sections on LinkedIn, and although they might not all be relevant to your career and experience, you should try to fill out as many of them as you can.

No project, award, or internship is insignificant, and you never know what may catch an interested party’s eye. Also keep in mind that the more densely populated your page is with relevant keywords, the more likely you are to show up in searches.

Highlight your book as a publication or under work experience
You should be quick to include the details of your book under the “Publications” section of your profile, where you can even add a link to your book’s page on any online retailer. You can also take it one step further, and really emphasize your new book, by listing it as a job under the experience section.

Using the title of your book as your position title and filling in the dates with the time you spent working on it, you can use the “Description” box to highlight a few key points or even include a short review from a well-known source.

Participate, participate, patriciate
Many groups in LinkedIn are super active and provide all sorts of networking, learning, and marketing opportunities. Pick a few primary groups that really appeal to your niche and interests and get ready to commit a bit of time establishing your presence within them.

As with many online platforms, your participation and dedication will be rewarded with added exposure. Once you’re a familiar face within the group, you can take advantage of the chance to steer the conversation towards topics related to your work.

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