Where to Find Writing Motivation Online

We all know that the daily work of writing is hardly an uninterrupted series of inspirational bursts. There are days when motivation is hard to come by and sitting down to write can feel nearly impossible. Whether you’re reckoning with a recent rejection, are fielding distractions from your family, or are simply tempted to give in to the cycle of procrastination, it is important to have some tools in your back pocket to overcome the slump.

Every writer works differently and will be better served by specific kinds of resources, but we’ve complied some of the most useful places to find writing motivation online that will help get you back at it! Ready to start writing faster, better, and have more fun doing it? Keep reading. 

Check out 750 Words
If you’re looking to meet some daily writing goals and need a little push to keep you going, 750 Words could be the tool you’ve been looking for. Helping to keep you committed to the cause, this platform provides motivation through a challenging and point-based system. This sort of framework might not be for everyone, but it is undoubtedly a good way to boost your daily word count and build a little extra writing speed and confidence. 

Let Goodreads inspire you
If you find yourself spiraling into the dismal cycle of self-doubt, allow your favourite authors to help you snap out of it and remember why you’re doing this in the first place. Whether that means revisiting some of the lines and passages that initially made you want to become a writer, or seeing what some of your most beloved wordsmiths had to say on topics like writer’s block or procrastination (trust us, everyone suffers!), you’re sure to feel reenergized after a Goodreads session. 

Keep writing with Keep Writing
If you tend to get stuck in a rotation of chronic revision, let this handy tool help you keep the ideas flowing and actually get something new down on the page. If you’re someone who struggles to push forward and are eternally returning to previous passages before finishing the text, this will help you boost your word count and produce a cohesive document. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time for revision later, but Keep Writing is intended to assist you in overcoming the revision-as-procrastination trap. 

Go back to the basics with Merriam-Webster
Always there for you in a pinch, this trusted and reliable online dictionary and thesaurus has plenty to offer when it comes to upping motivation and getting you thinking creatively. Their website is a treasure trove of new words, interesting tidbits about etymology, and all sorts of other fun facts about the English language. Spending a little time on this website each day will not only help rapidly expand your vocabulary but is sure to help steer you out of the dark tunnel of writer’s block. 

Take a break with Grammar Girl
Another great resource for thinking about the English language in a fun and refreshing way is Grammar Girl. Boasting a wide selection of “quick and dirty” tips, the acclaimed grammar guru, Mignon Fogarty, offers up all sorts of practical advice that will get you thinking about writing in an approachable way. 

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