Why You Need to Promote Your E-Book

Whether you’re a first-time e-book author or a seasoned pro, you will always have the task of promoting the books you release. It’s a process that takes significant time and effort. You need to be consistent and smart about the way you promote, but in the end, it is so worth it.

Expand your network
When you do promotions on social media or other online platforms, you’re essentially expanding your network. Initially, you can only reach the people who have connected with you online, but through different promotional tactics, you can expand that network tenfold.

Word-of-mouth promotions
Any company will tell you that brand recognition is a key to success. Your book is your brand, your name is your brand. So, how can you make sure people recognize it? You need to rely on people talking about it. Word of mouth is going to be one of the primary ways that get people to read your book. Use it to your advantage.

Drum up excitement
The fact is people get excited about things that other people are excited about. There will always be the negative few, but in general, people tend towards a herd mentality. That means that if you can get people excited about your book, it can spread and increase your sales.

It will affect your bottom line
You may not be in it for the money, but money is a very real part of being an author. If you are selling your book, promoting it is going to help you sell many more than you would without sales. In fact, promotions can be the difference between your book making it into a recognized position on the platform you’re using or being stuck at the bottom of the list.

A little goes a long way
The nice part about promoting online is that everything is connected. So, promoting is an especially lucrative task to undertake when you have more than one book, product, or service to offer. If people like one of your books, they will often like others. This is why you should promote everything you do, and make sure that people can easily link to your other work while they’re at it.

Get additional work
Many people write e-books to promote another service or product they have. If this is the case, promoting your book will lead directly to new business with more customers and clients. You must see the benefit of interlinking all areas of your work in order to benefit in all areas from any promotions that you do.

Give to get
There are many ways to promote your book for free, but you may also consider doling out a small amount of money towards paid promotions to gain a further, more tailored reach. Facebook ads and Google Adwords are two ways that can connect you directly with people who are looking for books like yours. Especially when combined with other methods, paid promotions can be very beneficial.

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