How to Get Book Ideas

While you may, once in a blue moon, get a surge of inspiration to write a book, it will more times than not take a bit more effort than that. So what are some ways to kick your brain into gear when you’re trying to think up your next best-selling book idea?

Narrow down your genre
What are you going to write? Maybe you’re interested in fantasy or murder mysteries, or maybe you want to write a self-help book. Either way, it’s going to be a lot easier to think up an idea and start developing a plan when you know what your end goal is. Decide on the type of book and the genre that you want to write, and that can help get your head in the right space for brainstorming ideas.
Isolated brainstorming

Put yourself in the most bare space possible with zero distractions. Get yourself a pen, a paper, and a timer, and just write. Write every single idea that comes into your head. Play word association with yourself and write down ideas that remind you of ideas you’ve already written down. Just list out as many things as you can possibly think of in the time you’ve given yourself – half an hour will do. Then see what you’ve come up with. You might be able to combine some of the ideas, or maybe you hit the nail on the head with a real winner. Either way, brainstorming is a great tactic for finding book ideas.

Write about something you know
What do you know more about than any of your friends and family? Write about it. Chances are, if you know something that others don’t, then there are some people who would really like to get their hands on that knowledge.

Don’t assign irrelevant ideals
If you’re thinking of a book and then you think to yourself, “Nah, I don’t have enough to say about that.” Then write the book! There is no rule that says that a book has to be 300 pages long, or even 100 pages long. You can write a short book, or a super long book. Irrelevant specifications like this are holding you back. Take your idea and run with it. Brainstorm ideas on what you can say about that topic, or what elements you want to have in your story. It doesn’t have to be any particular way. It just has to be yours.

Write what you want to read
The best way to write a book that people will fall passionately in love with is to write a book that you are passionately in love with. Think of a story you want to hear, write about a topic that you want to learn more about. If you wouldn’t read your own book, then other people won’t want to read it either, regardless of what is “popular” in the market at the time, or what you think people want to see. If your heart isn’t really there, it will be infinitely more difficult for you to write, and it will be less likely to succeed.

I have something

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