Check out our panels, where readers and writers alike will get the opportunity to hear from professionals, ask questions, and discuss with other attendees!

It Really Happened

True crime stories from Canada and around the world. Cold cases, unsolved murders, murderers and monsters, gangsters and the havoc they create.

Moderator: Des Ryan

Panelists: Nate Hendley, Lorna Poplak, Susan Goldenberg

Cozy Corner

Everything from Cozies to amateur sleuths to lighter mysteries. No gore or grime but lots of grit. Fun, easy, breezy reading.

Moderator: Lynn McPherson

Panelists: Winona Kent, Ginger Bolton, Diane Bator, Sharon Crawford


Love with a Murderous Twist

Romance in a mysterious setting. Great love stories inside a life of crime. Maybe just a great love interest that plays a role in solving a mystery.

Moderator: Donna Carrick

Panelists: Joan Donaldson-Yarmey, Linda Cahill, Amy Tector, Hope Thompson

Deadly Laughter

Can murder be funny? Even in the tensest situations we sometimes need a laugh or two. Crime and mystery with a touch of mirth.

Moderator: Joan O’Callaghan

Panelists: Melodie Campbell, Lynne Murphy, A.J. Devlin, Caro Soles

The Big Short

Sometimes the best told tales are short ones. Short crime and mystery stories have been around forever. Hear from some of Canada’s best!

Moderator: Merrilee Robson

Panelists: Madeleine Harris-Callway, Rosemary McCracken, Jane Burfield, Alice Fitzpatrick

Changing Faces in Crime/Mystery Writing

Some different Canadian voices in Canadian crime fiction. Black, brown, Indigenous and LGBTQ authors writing great mysteries.

Moderator: Hyacinthe Miller

Panelists: Anthony Bidulka, Liz Bugg, Madona Skaff, Melissa Yi

Maple Leaf Murder East

Mystery and mayhem from Ontario and Quebec. Authors with tales of murder and suspense from big cities and small towns.

Moderator: Judy Penz Sheluk

Panelists: Michael Kent, Catherine Astolfo, J.A. Menzies, Lisa de Nikolits

Maple Leaf Murder West

Canada’s Western provinces produce some of the best crime fiction in the world. Check out these fine Western Canadian mystery writers.

Moderator: Joanna Vander Vlugt

Panelists: Dave Butler, Charlotte Morganti, Janice MacDonald, P.D. Workman

New Voices in Canadian Mystery

Meet some of the authors making their debut on the crime and mystery scene in Canada.

Moderator: Jim Napier

Panelists: Lis Angus, Tony Ollivier, J.T. Siemens, Karen Grose

Thrilling And Chilling

Thrillers to send chills down your spine. Suspense to keep you up all night. Hard-boiled detectives and tough city crime.

Moderator: Barbara Fradkin

Panelists: Linda L. Richards, S.M. Freedman, Carolyne Topdjian, Mar Preston