Places to Publish and Promote Your E-Book

E-books are taking the world by storm. They are easy to access, they don’t take up space, and they can also be less costly than physical books. There are a vast number of platforms available where you can publish your book and host it for sale. Here are a few to note down when looking for options.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
The list would not be complete without mentioning Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). It is one of the most popular platforms for e-books and hosts a ton of valuable features for published authors. Amazon KDP makes it very easy to properly format your book for their platform and offers authors the chance to promote their book for free for a short period of time, asking only for publishing exclusivity during the promotion.

This publishing platform focuses on making things simple. They use a plain text format for writing, taking all the guesswork out of e-book formatting. LeanPub is also unique in that it promotes the publishing of works in progress, not just finished products, helping to create an environment for feedback and improvement.

Google Play Books Partner Center
Very similar to other platforms, Google Play also allows authors to upload their books and sell them on the platform. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up, and the process is easy to do. Google Play allows authors to offer a free preview of their book, helping readers to decide if the book will be right for them. In addition, Google Books provides space for authors to post their author pages, which helps their readers and potential readers to get to know them better.

NOOK Press
This is Barnes & Noble’s version of e-book publishing, which offers all tools necessary to publish the book online for free. The platform will then make the e-book available for anybody searching on the NOOK or Barnes & Noble platform, which consists of millions of customers.

Shifting gears a bit from publishing to selling, Fiverr doesn’t have a platform for publishing the book, but can be a good way to promote the book, and offers a platform for selling it. With Fiverr, you set up your profile with a “gig” which is essentially the service you’re offering. In this case, you’re offering to sell your book. This is a common method, but you might want to take down your gig if it starts getting very popular because you will have to send each individual the file separately unless you can figure out an automated way to send it out when a sale occurs.

These platforms are just a few options to get you started. There are many more out there that you can use, based on your preferred platform and needs. Most importantly, do your research on what to do once you find a platform to publish on, as there are many tips and tricks you can use to make the most sales once published.

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