The Perfect Birthday Gifts for the Writer in Your Life

The holiday season may have passed, but it’s a new year, and there are birthdays to come. Chances are someone in your life has the gift of the pen and a passion for words, so what do you get them for their birthday gift? Here are a few things they might appreciate to help them in their writing endeavours.

An idea journal
Although most writers probably do the bulk of their work on a computer or a laptop, ideas can come at anytime. If you’re looking for a small gift of under $25, you can pick up a small journal at your local stationary shop, most bookstores, or even online. 

Entry to a course
One of the most valuable things a writer can receive is the opportunity to improve their art. There are many different programs and courses out there to help writers get better at what they do. Creative writing courses, creativity courses, storyboarding courses, and workshops of all kinds can provide exciting opportunities for writers to take their skills to the next level. 

Writing prompts
Writing prompts are a great way to get a writer’s creative juices going. And who knows, maybe it’s just what they need to get their greatest work off the ground. You can find books, decks of cards, and even calendars that provide daily prompts for writers. 

Writing tablet
Like a notebook for the technologically inclined, writing tablets are a super neat gift for people who constantly have ideas and thoughts to jot down. The notes from the tablet can be easily uploaded and saved to a computer. 

A writing-themed trinket 
For someone who has a passion for writing, receiving small writing-themed items can be precious. They show that you have put thought into the item, and have chosen something that relates back to their passion. Keychains, mugs, glasses, water bottles, sweatshirts, and t-shirts can all be found with fun sayings or images that poke at your friend’s love for writing.

Books to help them grow 
There is no formula to becoming a best-selling author, but one of the best things an aspiring writer can do is to listen to the tips and advice of the people who have done it. There are scores of books out there that give advice for writers using humour and examples of both successes and failures. 

Fingerless writing gloves 
Some days you just can’t get warm. For a serious writer, being distracted by the cold is not an acceptable situation. Plus, being cold can actually slow down your typing speed. Fingerless writing gloves provide a little bit of heat protection to the hands and lower arms, and can come in a ton of different patterns making them both functional and fashionable. 

Whatever you decide, your loved one will likely just be happy you thought of them. Good luck in your gift shopping, and happy holidays!

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