Tools for Next-Level Writing

Writing is a passion and a skill, but writers should never discount the benefits they can glean from using the correct tools while they work. While all you really need is a keen imagination and something to write on, there are a number of items that can make writing a lot more productive and comfortable. 

Noise-cancelling headphones

Whether you listen to anything in the headphones or not, noise-cancelling headphones can be a delight to writers who have noisy households or who live in the midst of a bustling city. It’s shocking how distracting each little noise can be – a siren, a dog barking, a baby crying, a car accident. Noise-cancelling headphones are a great investment for blocking out the outside world while you write. 

Tiny notebook

It’s a bit old school, but a tiny notebook that you carry around with you can be a great little investment for your craft. In this day and age, most people have smart phones which they use to take notes with, but some people prefer to write by hand – and sometimes it can even be more engaging for your mind to do so. 

Proper seating

A lot of writers will grab their laptop and curl up on the couch, or slump into a living room chair. This is atrocious for your posture and for your body. Long term, it can actually cause serious damage. Do yourself a favour and invest in a proper office chair, and a desk or table to go with it, so that you can be both comfortable and healthy while you write. 

A good word processor 

Make sure you have a good word processor at your disposal. There is very little patience for bad grammar and spelling nowadays. Even if it isn’t your forte, you should be equipped with the tools to make sure you’re producing at least mostly clean content. 


Sometimes your thoughts come to you so fast it is difficult to write them down, or maybe you’re not sure exactly how to convey the thought accurately in writing. For this reason, some people invest in a small voice recorder. Others may also use the recording option on their cell phone. This way you can listen back to it whenever you choose, and hopefully understand what great idea you were thinking of. 

A collection of reference guides

In every writer’s arsenal is a good dictionary, a thesaurus, and any number of other reference books. There are even such things as emotion thesauruses – books that help writers to come up with the perfect word to describe a character’s emotions. Make sure to arm yourself with the reference guides you need to do your work justice. 


Whether you are on someone else’s deadlines or your own, don’t let the days get away from you. Make sure to mark each deadline in your calendar, whether it be a daily organizer that you keep with you everywhere, or whether it be a calendar that hangs on the wall above your desk.

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