How to Promote Your Book on LinkedIn

Although there has been plenty of emphasis on Facebook groups and Instagram hashtags, there are also plenty of opportunities to enhance your books’ exposure on the most business-oriented of the social platforms – LinkedIn.

How to Find a Literary Agent

Most publishers don’t accept just any manuscript from an author anymore, they need to be filtered through an agent. This is understandable because of how saturated the market is right now. That means your first step towards becoming a published author is finding yourself an agent.

Why You Need to Promote Your E-Book

Whether you’re a first-time e-book author or a seasoned pro, you will always have the task of promoting the books you release. It’s a process that takes significant time and effort. You need to be consistent and smart about the way you promote, but in the end, it is so worth it.

How to Write a Stellar Query Letter

The publishing landscape is rife with hopeful authors querying agents. This means you need to know how to craft a query letter that’s going to completely knock the agent’s socks off.

Getting You and Your Book Out There

Congratulations on your new book. That is quite an accomplishment and you should be really proud. But your work as an author isn’t over. Now you have to help readers find your book.

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